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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A finished project

It's finished! I've attempted and conquered knitting. Yay!

One finished scarf for my little boy, who was a baby last time I looked, but then I looked again and he was a walking talking little person. When did this happen?!

So here it is, one finished project. Let's hope a few more are completed in the coming months.

I am almost finished the beautiful sleeping bag I started quite some time ago. I've decided to make a few adjustments to make it less ominous to attach-to-child. At the moment, it's just too much of an ask to get it on him, so I am going to cut it down the front and add some snaps. Then - and only then - I will post a few photos.

I've also printed and cut out my Oliver + S schooldays duffle coat pattern (I bought the digital one). It was quite an effort to be honest and next time I am going to bother to go to a printers and print out the giant pattern sheet at the back. My printer was nearly out of coloured ink so I didn't get the red grid to match up the pieces for A4 printing. I am not so confident that I've joined everything up accurately...

Now I am in a bind. do I print out the big pattern sheet at the printers or do I just take a leap of faith and hope the one I've configured without the grid works out? Stay tuned...

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