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Friday, 1 July 2011

How I got started

Some may be surprised if not a little shocked to find me sewing up a storm and it's not an entirely unjustified reaction...

From the time I was 'politely asked to excuse myself' from the sewing component of home economics in the 9th form it never really appeared like I would take up needle and thread and start creating. Nor did it occur to me to do so.

That is until I was pregnant with my first child.

The desire to create beautiful things for my baby was overwhelming, so I found myself visiting the local Spotlight and buying a rather large bag of cotton quilting fabric, cotton binding tape and thread. I patiently waited the two weeks until the sewing machine I wanted was on sale as the saleswoman had promised. (I think it's for children - it goes forward, backward and sews straight stitch and zig zag and that's it. Oh and it's booklet has large simple diagrams that appear to be aimed at the under 8 market...) It suits me fine and has been a great teaching machine.

I am rather lucky as I have inherited some industrial sewing and overlocker machines that I intend to move onto once I get back to Melbourne.

I was so excited when I got home with my new little sewing machine (yes, the one made for 8 year olds) that I couldn't wait to get started. It took me 30 minutes to work out how to thread the bobbin and the machine itself and another 2 hours to complete my first project - a bib for my baby.

I can now finish a bib in about 20 minutes, and I must say they look really smart on the babies who wear them.

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