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Monday, 29 August 2011

August update

It's now almost 6 1/2 months since we left Melbourne for 6 months in Taipei.

We're both really looking forward to coming home and although it's been an amazing experience living over here, we're a bit over it and have started counting down to our return home! Our son has lived most of his life over here and we wonder what it's going to be like for him adjusting to life in Australia where everyone speaks english rather than mandarin, where people come from all corners of the globe, and where he will not attract a crowd of 100 people on a daily basis.

So it's nearly the end of August (where does the time go...) and I'm waiting for my labels to arrive in the post. It's been quite a long wait, but I'm trying to be patient!

I've had a delivery of deliciously wonderful GOTS certified organic fabrics from a shop in the US called fabricworm in the meantime. I made a decision at some point this month that if I am going to keep sewing like mad (and buying loads of cotton fabric) that I need to invest in sustainably produced cotton. It's a big investment in terms of money, but it also limits the variety of fabric available to me. I've since found that it takes quite a bit of willpower to say, 'no, I lovelovelove that but I am not going to buy it because it isn't certified organic'.

I feel good about the decision I've made, and I'm really looking forward to sewing some cot sheets for my little boy out of this hideously expensive, but beautifully stylish and oh-so-touchable fabric.

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