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Sunday, 11 September 2011

We'll be home so soon!

I can hardly believe that we are going to be back in our lovely little house in less than two months. I'm not going to miss the beige apartment we have here - even the furniture is beige!

News this month is that my labels have been shipped and I wait very impatiently for them. I think the turnaround time is going to be close to two months by the time they get here. Oh well, lesson learned there.

Also, and this is most exciting to me, I have sewn up the most beautiful cot sheet for my son in fabulous organic cotton. It is going to look amazing in his cot at home, which is painted black. It looks ok in his cot here too, which is of course, beige.

We are starting to plan our return home in terms of eating!

So far these are on our list as "must do's":

1. Breakfast at Seddon deadly sins
2. Pho
3. Steak at the station
4. Pizza from Charlies in Footscray
5. Pork rolls


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