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Friday, 10 August 2012

Good things

Oh what a week!

Some big things have happened (ok they're small things) and I'm most excited about them.

Big event number one is that I have organised our pantry. It seems like an inconsequential thing, I know, but it is monumental for one with a job and a baby toddler and a hobby and uni...

Since we returned from Taiwan, I just sort of added new things into the existing pantry disarray.  It didn't take long before one had to dig around and see what they could find when cooking. One day I couldn't find the vanilla bean paste. So we went without. You see the challenges faced by those of us with pantry disarray issues?!

In any case, it is now all neat and organised and I know what ingredients we have and where to find them. Bliss.

The second big event (this one is BIG) is that we have said our final goodbyes to childcare.

As we waved goodbye, and took one last look around, I took note of the many happy children coping well with child care. I also took note of the little boy who had stopped crying after half an hour of doing so with no result and now sat visibly shaking and pinching himself. It was all I could do not to pick him up and give him a cuddle. I wondered how much damage this was doing to his young self and how it would affect him later in life.

I couldn't help but feel more than pleased to shut the door behind us as we left for the last time, knowing we'd made the right decision. I am so happy we went with our gut and made the decision to turn our backs on institutionalised care for our son. 

I know not everybody can afford to keep a roof over their head and stay at home with their child for a year or two or three. Our society accepts and encourages workplace expectations of women returning to work within a year of having a baby. There is pressure to rebuild your career, make money and pay taxes. None of this is geared toward the child's needs.

To me, there is something very very wrong with a room full of tiny babies separated from their mothers for 8 - 10 hours a day. I know these are the kids that are coping well in the toddler room. They've learned to accept their situation. Should we, as adults, be accepting of this as normal?

It is such a touchy subject,  and I can't help but rationalise that this is because we all feel guilt about farming out the care of our children. Some of us can't admit it. Some of us dwell on it non stop. Some of us just can't wait to have a break, and have no energy left to analyse the rights and wrongs of institutionalised child care.

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