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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Trying again

2013 you say?!

It is hard to believe that it is 2013 and our little baby is now a walking talking two year old!

But it seems that this is the case.

This year has brought with it a new, more rewarding job for me and again the need to use child care. We have been very lucky and managed to get a 2 days a week spot at a Steiner day care near where we work.

I was a bit trepidatious filling out the 15 page enrolment form (should we tell the truth and say that he is allowed to - and usually does - watch an hour of iView a day??!) but in the end I just decided honesty was the best policy.

If we were, ahem, let's say 'creative' with our answer to this one, then the carers may have been wondering about all the peppa pig references that are sprinkled through his conversations.

So, here I sit filled with bountiful mother-guilt about to ship my child off to the care of others. Again.

It does seem different this time around though, not least because his cousin will be there too. But also because the food is organic vegetarian, the ethos is more aligned to mine and he is now older and more interested in interacting with other little people.

Sewing this year is going to be centred around creating a Steiner-esque wardrobe for twice giggle thrice Jnr, and some quilting.

I've also purchased a whole lot of coordinating organic fabrics to make a nice bedding ensemble for someone who rather likes sleeping in their own bed now. Well, for the first half of the night anyway...

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