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Monday, 28 January 2013

Productive weekend to boot!

Well, over here in Australia we have just experienced one of those amazing things - the three day weekend.

Ahhhhh. It has been nice. There have been sleep-ins. It has been busy. It has been productive.

Following a bit of an upset on Friday (I returned to the Steiner Kindercare after the requisite two hour parental absence to find that twice giggle thrice jnr had spent exactly two hours in a hysterically upset state), I was ready for a three day weekend.

My sewing room has had an overhaul. No longer is fabric hidden away in boxes! I have it all out on glorious display thanks to ikea and mr twice giggle thrice, who is rather handy with an Allen key.

My two year old kept wandering in saying, "mummy has too much fabric".

I took the opportunity to explain that mummy had a lot of fabric but by no means did mummy have too much.

I now have until Friday to decorate his itty bitty calico bag that is standard issue at his child care. I find myself worrying about what theme and method of decoration to choose and whether it will fit with the Steiner philosophy.

I don't want to make some horrid faux pas that causes my child to be shunned...

So it seems my next creative pursuit (and one not to be taken lightly) will be decoration of said calico bag. Stay tuned.

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