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Saturday, 2 February 2013

When something is not what it seems...

We've had a bit of a better look at Steiner day care now and all I can say is that I am torn.

My instincts say run. Now. Don't look back.

So, based on what I've since read about Steiner principles, I should be "thinking with my feelings and not my head", and taking this instinct very seriously indeed.

But then I believe in the biodynamic organic principles, I love the emphasis on natural products and toys. I love that there are guinea pigs and chickens. I love that the children are encouraged to get out and play and get dirty.

I didn't love the emphasis on conformism, the clear bias of the staff toward girls over boys, or the lack of communication. I fear my child who is not the best eater is going to spend long hungry days as he will only eat the fruit and not the lunch.

I was horrified to see one little boy physically restrained at nap time and shushed and glared at. Ok, so you want rhythms and routine, but what about the child's rhythms? What about their right to express themselves?

There was something stifling about the environment, despite the beautiful surrounds.

I have come away very concerned, and very torn as I feel this is the best on offer; but it is still miles from acceptable.

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