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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Do you use recipes? (And why there has been no sewing and no blogging of late.)

Well, not so much sewing has occurred here lately. We had one sick little person about 4 weeks ago who had a fever and cough for 7 days, but otherwise was bright eyed, alert and eating. We didn't know what it was until a friend popped over to admit she had had influenza and might have passed it on.

It explains why the grown ups didn't get sick, as we would have contracted a virus, but having had half a decade of flu shots under our belts, we were ok. Incidentally, we don't get flu shots anymore. I had a very extreme reaction to one in 2012 at work and my GP warned against them. However, I do like to think that the reason my son was able to weather the flu so very well is down to the fact that he had the benefit of all of those years of vaccination his mother (me!) was able to pass on to him in utero and through breast milk.

Long story short, our very important small person was sick for a week and we big people have taken weeks to recover from the exhaustion you get after a few consecutive nights without sleep and constant worrying. A bit like having a new baby all over again, no?

So, I have been thinking about sewing, but not actually doing any sewing.

But, I have been cooking lots of healthy stuff to help my family regain optimum health after our ordeal. A lot of it I just make up as I go, and most of the time things turn out amazingly.

We have had one fail, which was pancakes made with coconut flour. They were terrible!

A big recent success has been brown rice piklets, made with whole cooked brown rice, organic spelt flour, eggs, a liquid such as milk (you can use soy or almond or whatever you want), vanilla bean paste and a splash of maple syrup (the real organic stuff from Canada please...) or coconut sugar or both. So yummy, recipe free, and great cold snacks to eat at the park, or on the way there.

It has got me thinking, do people mostly use recipes to cook? Or are there other happy go lucky experimental cooks like me out there?

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