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Friday, 30 September 2011

Sometimes in life you have to backpedal...

Well it's almost the end of our stay here in Taiwan and that's really given me a kick along in both designing and sewing. I am really happy with some of my latest projects, but it's meant going back on something I said in an earlier post. Yup. What would that be I hear you ask? Well...

I can't help myself, I still have to buy Japanese cotton linen blends! I know they're not certified organic, but I simply cannot help myself. They're so lovely. Gorgeous. Scrumptious. Beyond wonderful. I think you get the point.

Actually it's not just in the incredible texture, and perfectly executed design, it's also that sometimes you need something a bit stronger and sturdier than quilting weight cotton, but you don't want plain solid colours. Making a mei tai for example, or a change mat, or a bag. When you're making something that needs to be a real workhorse and look good too. Then I think it is ok to not be too moralistic about organics. As long as everything else that requires quilting weight cotton is certified organic, then I say it's ok to bend those self imposed rules!

In other news, I have designed an awesome (yes it really is) calico shopping bag. It costs but a dollar or two to make, is washable, reusable, and looks rather fabulous. So, in the spirit of 'free stuff on the internet', I am going to post a tutorial on how to make it. So you can have one all of your own. Or five, depending on how keen you are.

So that is what's coming next. And photos, I promise!

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