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Monday, 7 November 2011

Home sweet home

After an extended stint overseas, we are finally home. It's nice. A bit
cold actually, but that's ok.

It is wonderful to be able to open the french doors and walk onto
the deck into the lovely overgrown abundance of garden. We have a stupid
number of apricots on our tree and are most excited about the itty bitty
baby kiwi fruit spotted here and there on our vine for the first time.
There are strawberries and lemons, little buds of apples, and the
passionfruit is in flower en masse, so it really is quite a lovely sight.
It is nice to know that left to it's own devices, the garden is quite happy
and contented to flourish.

Following the spectacular demise of my little Elna sewing machine in
Taipei, I remembered my 1956 lime green Singer 319 k. She is such a
stunner. I bought her at a garage sale 10 years ago because I liked her
style, but I don't know if I ever intended on sewing with her, not having been very interested in sewing at the time. I took her out of her case
today and boy is she fabulous! A full compliment of accessories, including
something truly complicated called the ruffler was found... It creates
pleats and ruffles, I cannot wait to have a try!

I plugged her in briefly and was impressed that she works rather well. It
was a brief test because I need to dust and oil her and also because she is
a baby magnet. A shiny dangerous baby magnet. So I had to pack her away and
content myself with reading the hilariously worded yet impressively
comprehensive manual. Next time it will have to be baby in the jolly jumper
first, unpack singer sewing machine second.

I am having great fun at the moment unpacking all the wonderful sewing supplies I bought overseas, and am preparing to get busy sewing for the Christmas market in Yarraville. I just hope I haven't left it too late to put my application in!

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