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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Icky EEEEeeek EEeek! And some good news too...

We've been home one and a half weeks now and much has been achieved! Although there are still unpacked suitcases and a few other items, such as boxes of fabric, we have been out of the house toiling away at a new workspace.

I wrote last time about the lime green 1956 Singer 319k, which is truly fabulous. She is going to live at home for those spontaneous 'the baby's asleep, I shall get sewing' moments. Well, my new workspace is part of my mother's mammoth garage (it really is humongous!!) of which she is rather kindly donating an entire corner of to me.  I think the corner of the garage is about the same footprint as half my house, so I shant feel crowded and confined.

There is a bit of an icky spider issue. I'm not super familiar with spider varieties, but I think we have quite a few funnel web spiders. They look big, angry and poisonous in any case... Ick!

Once we have dealt with the Spidies, we have a fabulous set up with an industrial sewing machine and an industrial overlocker. So some serious sewing will be underway, and I am really hoping that in the near future we can start making our own organic tees and onesies rather than buying them in and then adding our designs.

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