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Friday, 13 April 2012


Ok, so prior warning, this post is going to have very little to do with sewing.

What am I heartbroken about? Child care. I was thinking just this morning how lucky I was to live somewhere where I can drop my little love off and pick him up five or six hours later and know that he will be cared for. Cared for safely, carefully.

We are just getting used to Child care. We are five visits in. We go once a week. We are still devastated when mum leaves. But we were getting better. We hadn't been crying when mum picked us up the last two visits. Then we missed one day because of the Easter break. Now we are back at square one.

It doesn't feel ok to leave him there, red in the face from crying, refusing to eat or drink and with big gasping hiccups from the effort of being so upset. So here I am at home, actually hoping they'll call me to pick him up. I don't feel like a lucky mum with a few hours to herself for once, I simply feel raw and heartbroken. I keep wondering if this child care thing is right. It is commonplace and expected, but is it right? Is it fair on anyone? Will it really help him grow into a confident social little boy, or am I just making us both suffer?

I tell myself that he will like it, and look forward to it as he grows older. I hope so.

The adorable artwork on the Oliver + S sailboat top and pants pattern I bought.

Sewing news? I have just bought some Oliver + S patterns, so fingers crossed there will be an itty bitty duffle coat sewn up from them for my darling boy very soon... Stay tuned!

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