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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Big news in Footscray!

Twice Giggle Thrice is making the move from hobby to business, and we're all really excited about it.

I plan to sew between 9pm and midnight for four nights a week. I will see what that results in and adjust accordingly.

I have bought some quality woven quilt labels from Fancyweaver and I can't wait to sew them on some quilts. We have a great big shipment of organic fabric on its way too. I don't think my Etsy store will know what hit it!

Speaking of Etsy, I have updated my policies to reflect my change from hobbyist to business and one big change I have made is flat rate shipping. I am hoping this will result in more sales, because I hate paying for shipping so I assume that everyone else does too!

I need to decide whether or not to continue making change mats, because I only have enough coated linen to make a handful more. Unfortunately I cannot source this amazing fabric here in Australia, and the next best thing available here is much lighter (though comes with written safety certification).

I'll also be investing some real time in this blog, which will mean photos!! I know, I can hardly believe I have had over two thousand hits when I have been so slack in the photo loading department.

So that is what is happening here on the sewing front, along with two Oliver + S Explorer vests from the book Little things to sew.

Stay tuned, I may even post photos...

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